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  • Communication is Key!
    Too often I see managers and coworkers speak to each other incorrectly. This is only the beginning of a hostile work environment, retention issues and lack of effort from the employees. This is one of may quick tips to come that should help you gain trust in your staff and truly make a happy workplace...for you and them! 

    "Go do ..."
    "I need you to..." 

    The above statements are the recipe to the perfect storm. Many employees already feel they have no power and when you demand them to do something, you are only reaffirming this belief. I know what you are thinking, "Sometimes, I just need them to do something!"    

    While I understand intense moments of pressure, I want you to understand the importance of saying the right words to receive the right result. You don't only want them to do something, you want them to LIKE IT! 
    Try saying,

    "Can I get your help on something"  or  "Do you mind helping me..."

    If you are the manager, it is obvious they need to do what you say, but by asking instead of telling, you are relinquishing the stigma of boss/employee relationship and giving the illusion they have a choice in the matter. This now makes the employee want to help you now, and in the future. 

    Activity: Practice asking your team for assistance instead of telling them. Let me know how it goes!