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  • The 6 top social media platforms used are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. These platforms aren’t just for posting and viewing funny cat videos, they can be a key component to building your brand.  Each platform attracts a different audience.

    When looking to build your brand and be seen as an authority in your field, it is important to know which platform will best suit your target market. If you are a graphic designer, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are great for showcasing your work and happy clients. If you are in a corporate setting, giving advice on LinkedIn is a great way to create a professional brand. Use social media as a tool to introduce the person you want potential employers and clients to see, like and hire!

    If you still want to post cat videos, create a personal page and a professional page. Make your professional page public and your personal page private. However, this is not a surefire way to keep your personal life private. Remember, posting anything on social media is like standing on a stage in Times Square, on New Year’s Eve, and telling everyone watching your business.

    Brand every post you publish on social media

    It is important to watermark everything you publish on social media. This allows your brand to follow your posts if they are shared on social media by a reader. Do not let your amazing image or dynamic quote you created become viral and no one know you created it! There are several DIY graphic programs you can use to simply put your name or businesses on the image directly. STAY CONSISTENT. Consistency on social media is just as important as the post you publish. From the watermark to the timing of each post, the only way to stay top of mind is to stay in front of the eyes of your potential employer (or their friend that follows you and loves your work!)


    Question:  Trying to keep up with every social media platform can be overwhelming and a waste of great effort! What top three social media sites should you be posting on to build your brand around YOUR target market?