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  • When building your marketing plan, it's important to know (what I like to call) the three E's of branding.

    Educating your target market (TM) on your product or service is one way to be seen as an expert in your field.

    Empowering your TM to get up and do something after following you or purchasing your product or service will help you gain trust in your TM.

    Entertaining your TM, (through events, humor, etc) allows you to tug at the heart strings and go beyond just a product/service and allows people to see who you really are. It is the beginning of personifying your brand.

    Do you use one (or a combination) of these in the marketing of your business?

    About Ashley H Jernigan:

    I have been through and leaned a lot in the past 10 years and I dedicated myself to helping people I saw in the same shoes as mine. Maybe they are lost, maybe they aren't sure what to do next. That is where I come in. I discuss everything in this blog, www.top5careertips.com, and my Facebook group,
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