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    Before you think this subject is only for entrepreneurs, give me the next three sentences to tell you why it’s not! No matter your career, whether you interact with clients/customers/guests, you are your brand. You want people to see you as an authority in your field and come to you for assistance. The more people feel like they know you, the better the chance you have of getting their business. You can use social media to achieve just that. If you are posting from your personal page, sporadically post your branding images with your personal pics about your family (and those random viral videos). 


    1) Know what platform your target market in on – focus on those

    So there is a saying, Jack of all trades. Most don’t know the follow-up statement to that, Master of noneWhen looking to build your brand and be seen as an authority in your field, it is important to know which platform will best suit your target market. If you are a graphic designer, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are great for showcasing your work and happy clients. If you are in a corporate setting, giving advice on LinkedIn is a great way to create a professional brand. Use social media as a tool to introduce the person you want potential employers and clients to see, like and hire! 

    Don’t get so caught up on being on every social media platform that you run yourself ragged trying to keep up with them all. Start on the top 3 sites your target market is on. 

    2) Create a Social Media Posting Strategy

    STAY CONSISTENT. Consistency on social media is just as important as the post you publish. Have a system for posting your content. Plan it out ahead of time to ensure your content does not become monotonous. Here is how I schedule monthly social media posts for my clients:
    1. Pick 4 main topics you will discuss every month
    2. Create 8 posts per topic
    3. If you have a quote or words you want to post, use a program like canva.com to turn words to life! It was a game changer for me.
    4. Use a scheduling tool to post. Hootesuite.com is the easiest (and free!) tool out there. If you are only on Facebook, I would just use Facebook’s post scheduling tool. It is very simple and allows you to set it and forget it! **Hootesuite has the technology to schedule a post for Instagram but not actually post it. It will send you a reminder to post and you have to manually make the post.**   
    Now you have 32 posts created and scheduled. Repeat this every other week to stay ahead of your posting schedule. 

    3) Brand Every Post

    It is important to watermark everything you publish on social media. This allows your brand to follow your posts if they are shared on social media by a reader. Do not let your amazing image or dynamic quote you created become viral and no one knows you created it! From the watermark to the timing of each post, the only way to stay top of mind is to stay in front of the eyes of your potential employer (or their friend that follows you and loves your work!) I use Canva.com on my desktop and the iphone app Instacollage for quick photo editing on the go.  

    4) Stay Active

    Now you have a system for consistent posting. It doesn’t stop there. If you are using Hootesuite, you can get notifications if someone likes or comments on your post. Engage your market by occasionally asking questions or creating a fun quiz. These type of posts spark conversation. If using only Facebook, download the Pages app so you can easily like, comment and respond easily. Social media is unlike any other marketing tool because it truly is a two-way communication tool. Billboards, print ads and commercials only talk at the people. Staying active and engaging your market allows you to talk directly to them!                    

    5) Create a Personal Website

    Search engine optimization, better known as SEO, is how you are found online. When that future employer/client enters your name in a search engine, you don’t want that crazy night last year you forgot you posted on Facebook to be the first thing that pops up. Instead, create more compelling stories about yourself! One way to boost SEO is to have a personal website which is updated consistently. Have a feed on your site linking to your top social media page. This brings more awareness to your social media sites and the blog posts you write can double as your social media content. We will talk about blogs in another post. Tell your story yourself. List your work, your triumphs and expertise. Update this site as much as possible so when those search engines are scouring the World Wide Web, they are more likely to pull the most recent articles about you. Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress are the most common website building tools, Wix and Squarespace being the easiest to navigate but Wordpress has the most customization options and plugins.  
    -- Ashley H Jernigan

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