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  • Top 5 Things to Consider BEFORE you Quit!

  • There was a time when I was so fed up with the corporate BS at my job, I wanted to scream at everyone I felt didn’t respect me and quit in a blaze of glory! Have you ever felt like that? As I was venting to my sister, she gave me some of the best advice I have ever received. “Ashley, don’t quit until you have no more questions to ask.”  This was told to me 6 years ago and has stuck with me ever since.

    1) Do you have any other questions to ask?

    I began to ask myself, is there anything else I want to learn using my company’s money instead of my own? Do I know how to do my job so well I have no other questions to ask my superior before going to another company or starting my own business? If I want more money or a promotion, am I qualified for the new position I want? Can I learn those promotable skills at my current company?

    2) Did you do your best?

    Sometimes, doing your best means being a super employee for more extended periods than desired. It means learning and excelling until you have no more questions to ask about your position, or the position you want. It means never letting your fellow employees or boss see you falter.  Remember, no one can make you be mediocre. You know when you are not at your best. The question is, how long has your boss known as well?

    3) Do you have Go to Hell money?

    Yes, you read right! Go to hell (GTH) money is having 3-6 months of your living expenses in a savings account so you can quit your job in style and say (or imagine you said) whatever is on your mind to everyone you could not stand at your job!  

    4) Do you hate your job or your company?

    It is very important to evaluate the real situation at hand. In many cases I have noticed my clients actually like the company they work for just not their current position. If you in fact like the company you work for, It’s time to look at other positions in the company you may qualify for and talk to someone already in that department to make sure the grass just doesn’t appear greener. 

    5) Are you willing to move?

    This is a tough one but can be your crutch preventing you from progression. It is very possible your city just doesn’t have the positions open you are seeking. Are you willing to move for the amazing job? While this is much easier decision if you have no ties to your current city, do not let convenience turn into complacency. 

    ~Ashley Jernigan

    Want to know more? Next blog, I will dive deeper into my first tip: Do you have any other questions to ask? If you have questions on this topic or want to leave your thoughts, comment below.

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