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  • (Even without a job!)

    You don’t have to be an entrepreneur, or even have a job, to answer the question, “So what do you do?” Your 30 second pitch should answer a series of questions in a simple, to the point, roll off the tongue statement. It's time to stop defining where you work with who you are!
    You should practice this constantly and tweak it often to fit the right conversation you are having. If you are unemployed (or where you work has nothing to do with what you want to do), answering the daunting question, “What do you do?” can be a tough. Instead of stating the obvious, answer the questions below and say it with pride! 

    1)What problem are you solving?

    This is your one liner that grabs the attention of the person you are speaking to. This may change slightly depending on if you are talking to your internal or external target market. (We will touch on target markets later).

    The best businesses or skillsets are the ones that solve a common problem.
     When you pitch what you do, you should stress how you found a solution to your target market’s problems. If you are unemployed, that does not have to lead the conversation! Tell the person what problem you solve if you had the job you are seeking. Make sure you actually know how to solve that problem!

    2)What services do you provide?

    So you know what problem you are solving, do you know how you are going to solve that problem?Do you provide technical support, marketing assistance, accounting advice, etc.? Try to narrow down exactly what service you provide so when you are talking to your target market, they are not confused on how exactly you can help them.

    Make this clear and concise in one sentence or less. If you can’t say it in one sentence, the person you are talking to can’t easily understand it. 

    3) Who is your target market?

    You should always know who you are talking to and tailor your 30sec. pitch to be of benefit to the person you are speaking to.
    “Everyone” is not a target market! Some people specifically work with teens, or women, or entrepreneurs. Identify who, or what type of person, will benefit from your services the most. OR, who you feel most comfortable working with. There are two types of target markets:

    These are the people that you need assistance from to grow your business or skill set. Ex. Lenders, business associates, media, advertisers. You want these people to feel they need to keep you as a contact and possibly benefit by helping you spread your message.

    These are the people who benefit most from your business or skillset. EX: your potential client or employer. You want to peak their needs and show how they need you!

    4)What Geographical location do you serve? (optional)

    This may not always apply to you, but if you serve a specific community, you can connect the dots easier for the person you are speaking to as to who exactly you serve.

    There are some people who specifically like to support local businesses. People like to know their money is benefiting the community they live in, work in or grew up in! If you serve a specific area, don’t be shy about it.

    5)Practice it...several times!

    Writing your 30sec. pitch is much different than saying it out loud. When we write, we tend to use “fluff” words that sound great on paper. If you don’t typically use these words, it will not roll off the tongue as easy as you want. You do not want to seem rehearsed. You want it to sound natural.

    Also, once you identify your target market, you need to use words that market will understand. If you are a computer repair company trying to reach the non tech savvy individual, you probably shouldn’t use words like CPU, ram and hard drive. Just say you help people who have issues with the speed and functionality of their computer. 

    Comment below and share your 30sec. pitch to the world on my website. I would love to see it and definitely respond to it!